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myTVS Airlens Car Air Purifier/ Sanitizer

with Fastest Car Air Purifier

Upgrade to the best car air purifier - myTVS Airlens car purifier. This car air purifier/ car air sanitizer ensures WHO standard Air Quality
within 2 minutes. Just turn it on and it will bring down Air Quality Index (AQI) to the desired healthy level, very quickly.

World’s 1st Active Molecular Technology (AMT)
Airlens car air purifier is based on Active Molecular Technology (AMT)- an innovative technology invented by the experts. It efficiently
entraps harmful air particles of size 2.5 microns with 99% efficiency.
 Such mechanism makes it the favorite choice among other car air purifiers/
sanitizers/ air fresheners.

This car air purifier offers 3-layer protection. First layer captures dust & pollen, Second AMT layer for PM2.5 & PM10, bacteria & germs,
The third layer traps harmful gases & odor. Therefore, ensure 100% safety to you and your loved ones’ health. Breathe healthy/fresh/ clean air
to strengthen the respiratory system, boost your immunity and stay healthy.

Airlens car air purifier uses a car’s powerful fan and cleans the air without hampering the airflow passing through its membrane.
Quite powerful to fight air pollution, smog, and other harmful pollutants. Just sit inside your car, turn the AC fan in circulation mode & breathe in pure air.

It is quite portable and is an easy replacement of the cabin AC filter. Save big with myTVS Airlens Car Air Purifier/ Sanitizer. Avail Airlens car
air purifier at low car air purifier price. It’s almost 1/10th the cost of a purifier. Moreover, lower maintenance costs as compared to any other air purifier.

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5 Jyotika

One time investment can save your life…time to inhale good air..fresh air…

4 Aakash ji

Very very good for protection of COVID 19 & clean/purify air of car.

3 Jeetu Shankar

Good car sanitizer from myTVS

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