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Keep your car show-room new with mytvs Car Body Covers

Posted by : admin / Posted on : 10-Mar-2021

It hurts when you notice any scratch, dent, mud marks or thick dirt on your ever-shining car. So why not give your car the much-needed protection of a premium car body cover! Car covers act as a layer of protection for your lovely vehicle. myTVS car body covers today are bestsellers in the market. In addition to quality; affordable price, fast delivery and attractive online discounts make them highly-recommended for car owners/ customers.  Read more

Owning a Car? You must buy an Electric Car Wrench.

Posted by : admin / Posted on : 04-Mar-2021

We all hate getting a flat (punctured) tyre in our cars. Especially while on a family holiday trip in your lovely car. Sudden tyre puncture/ flat tyre can turn your pleasant trip into an embarrassing experience. This is when you must be equipped with emergency car accessories such as a car air pump/ car air filling machine, electric car jack and electric impact wrench.  Read more

Which reverse/ rearview parking camera is the best for your car?

Posted by : admin / Posted on : 14-Jan-2021

A rear-view camera/ reverse camera is very important car accessory, as it offers you the much-needed safety during reversing your car/ a car journey. It helps you/ driver see what's directly behind the car, with a wide-angle view, helps in preventing a collision. When the car is put into reverse, the camera mounted turns on and sends an image to show what's behind your car/ vehicle. There are various types of cameras available in the market. Designed with different kinds of features, you must know which one is the best suited to your car. Let’s compare their features.  Read more

Types of vacuum cleaners. Which is the best one for a cars?

Posted by : admin / Posted on : 11-Dec-2020

Cleaning indoor spaces on a regular basis is the key to health and happiness. Dust, trash, mites, pollens and other pollutants can be anywhere, be it a Home, Office, Shop, Factory or a Car. What’s more? They are not limited to outdoor areas only. The indoors spaces are equally (if not more) replete with them. Now, it is essential to make sure that you keep the indoor spaces (interiors) clean and lively. Traditional ways of cleaning (such as dusting) don’t work as they fail to completely remove tiny dust particles, trash, mites, pollens and other pollutants. Threfore, buy a car vacuum cleaner.  Read more

6 TY’s of a Car Vacuum Cleaner. Read this to know!

Posted by : admin / Posted on : 09-Dec-2020

Cleaning your car interiors is now much easier and quicker than you think, thanks to high-performance car vacuum cleaners. But what makes a vacuum cleaner really work for your car?It is a billion-dollar question! Isn’t it? But the answer is quite simple and easy to keep in mind. Just make a checklist of these six parameters - Portability, Connectivity, Functionality, Durability, Warranty and Affordability. If you do this, we bet you will grab the best car vacuum cleaner available in the market.  Read more

Clean & hygienic car interiors keep you and your family healthy.

Posted by : admin / Posted on : 08-Dec-2020

‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ is a meaningful saying. It’s become more relevant today than ever before because of the pandemic and rising pollution levels. The good news is - keeping your car interiors neat and clean is no longer a tedious or boring task. Rather, it’s a super-convenient activity, thanks to the availability of innovative car vacuum cleaners. A powerful vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to clean your car interiors. But before we recommend you the best vacuum cleaner, it’s important to know why it is so essential to vacuum clean a car.  Read more

Points to remember while choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your car.

Posted by : admin / Posted on : 08-Dec-2020

Buying a vacuum cleaner/ filter for your car is as easy as buying any other car product/car accessory. You search for one, you will get so many options available online as well as offline. But how to pick the right vacuum cleaner is the right question you must ask before placing an order. Mostly, you end up making a random purchase of a car vacuum cleaner, due to lack of product info/features/ details. Keeping all this in mind, we have researched and collected a few must-keep-in-mind points that will surely make your life damn easy while deciding about your next car vacuum cleaner.  Read more


Posted by : admin / Posted on : 03-Dec-2020

Prevention is better than cure’. We all know this. But it’s easier said than done. Prevention is not just better or easier, but also can save you money, efforts, peace of mind and even your life. The most common example can be prevention of ‘life-threatening health hazards’. Because if you fail to take timely precautionary steps, even an easily-avoidable problem like air pollution can severely take a toll on your health, while causing a number of fatal diseases.  Read more


Posted by : admin / Posted on : 03-Dec-2020

Changing a flat (punctured) tyre is a skill that every car owner/ driver must have. It involves lifting of car; which can be troublesome when you have to lift it with help of a hydraulic jack. It requires manual operation with extra time and effort, while testing your patience level. Therefore, now is the time to upgrade to an electric car jack. An electric jack gives you various advantages over traditional jacks, while making your life easy.  Read more

Protection against air pollution with best car air purifier/ car air sanitizer/ car air freshener

Posted by : admin / Posted on : 03-Dec-2020

Are you really safe in your car even if you always drive it safely and with utmost focus? Sorry, you are not! Because the killer air circulating inside your car is really fatal. As per studies, the pollution level inside your car is even more severe than that outside the car. And we consistently keep inhaling the polluted air on daily basis, while driving/ being in the car. Toxic air particles (PM particles), bacteria, viruses, gases, and germs floating inside your car can severely affect your health and well-being.  Read more


Posted by : admin / Posted on : 03-Dec-2020

Tyre inflators, tyre compressor or car air pumps are useful not just for tyre inflation, but for about anything where air inflation is needed e.g. inflating toys, footballs, bicycles. If owning a car or bike, it's always a wise idea to get a powerful tyre inflator/ air-pump/ tyre compressor from a reputed brand. Because your car/ bike can get a flat tyre/ punctured tyre anywhere or anytime. In this blog let's discuss the reasons which make a tyre inflator an indispensable car accessory.  Read more


Posted by : admin / Posted on : 02-Dec-2020

To make your car journeys/ travel/ rides truly safer, hassle-free and delightful, you need to upgrade your car with some essential car accessories. Read this to know about them. The top 5 can be as Tyre Inflator/ Car Tyre Air Pump / Tyre Air Compressor, Car Vacuum Cleaner, Audio/ Video System, Car Air Purifier and Electric Car Jack.   Read more