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6 TY’s of a Car Vacuum Cleaner. Read this to know!

Posted by : admin / On : 09-Dec-2020
6 TY’s of a Car Vacuum Cleaner. Read this to know!

Cleaning your car interiors is now much easier and quicker than you think, thanks to high-performance car vacuum cleaners. But what makes a vacuum cleaner really work for your car?It is a billion-dollar question! Isn’t it? But the answer is quite simple and easy to keep in mind. Just make a checklist of these six parameters - Portability, Connectivity, Functionality, Durability, Warranty and Affordability. If you do this, we bet you will grab the best car vacuum cleaner available in the market.


Choose a light-weight vacuum cleaner so that it’s easier to carry and operate. One with sleek and compact design can easily be stored in your car without occupying more space. E.g. Stunning orange-coloured myTVS vacuum cleaner is very light, weighing less than 1 kg.

Keep in mind to get a vacuum cleaner that can be operated just by plugging into the cigarette lighter socket of your car. E.g. anyone can easily use 12-volt low-noise myTVS vacuum cleaner TI-5 by simply plugging into to car’s cigarette lighter socket.

Dual Function (Wet and Dry): Which will help in getting rid of spilled water/liquid and also dry dust/ trash etc. inside the car.

  • HEPA filter: Easily-removable & washable for high efficiency.
  • Longer wire (3-meter): Quite handy for deep cleaning in any car, be it hatchback, sedan or SUV.

The body material decides the longevity of any vacuum cleaner. myTVS Vacuum Cleaner TI-5 is made of premium quality material which is scratch-resistant and lasts longer. Moreover, it comes with an extra brush to clean away dust and extra connector to clean thoroughly all corners of car.

This is where ‘brand’ matters most. Warranty indicates the peace of mind which you get from product quality and service. myTVS is an award-winning brand of car parts and accessories, having PAN-India distribution, retailing and service network. myTVS offers 1+1 years extended warranty on its top-selling car vacuum cleaner TI-5.

Look out for a vacuum cleaner which gives you the bang for your hard-earned bucks. myTVS Vacuum Cleaner TI-5 is reasonably priced online with exciting offers and extra discount.

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