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How to find the right wiper blade size for your car?

Posted by : admin / On : 27-Mar-2021
How to find the right wiper blade size for your car?

Car windshield wipers are key to the safety of you, your car, and your loved ones. Therefore, you should never postpone replacing your car wipers once you notice them wearing down over time, or they start making noise, skipping or splitting.

Planning to buy a new set of car wiper blades? Think twice before randomly choosing them. It’s much more than just picking a pair of windshield wipers and installing them in your car. Because different cars require different wipers, based on various factors such as types, style, size, and technology. With a wiper blade size chart for Indian cars, this blog will assist you in finding the right-fit set for your car.

Size Matters!
If the blades are longer than required, they will either collide with each other or overlap the windscreen of your car. And if blades are shorter, they will only clean your windscreen partially, which will reduce visibility and safety. Refer to the wiper blade size chart for Indian cars to get the perfect-fit pair of windshield blades for your car. It is displaying car makes/ models along with their respective windscreen sizes. 

Frameless Wipers V/s Metal Wipers
Both kinds of these wipers make the perfect choice for your car, depending upon your requirement and budget. But, frameless car wipers give a clear advantage over the metal/ crystal ones. The frameless wipers are precisely designed to offer better flexibility, a more stylish design, light-weight, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and tensile strength. Metal/ Crystal wipers too give chatter-free smooth wiping and are available at more affordable pricing.

Choose a Brand
Never go for the cheaper traditional wiper blades. myTVS frameless and metal wiper blades cost a little extra but are bang for
every buck because of many benefits. The aerodynamic design prevents them from being blown away in heavy winds.
  • Stylish and lighter weight
  • Stylish and lighter weight
  • Scratch-resistant/ Least prone to damage
  • More durable than traditional blades
  • Available for all car makes/models
  • Attractive discounts
  • Free shipping & quality assurance

All-Weather Friendly
Perfect fit for any car, easy to install, myTVS wiper blades are meant to offer optimum visibility during even adverse climates -heavy rains, foggy, dew, dust, and winter. With the best wiper blades in your car, nothing can 
cloud your vision while driving throughout the year.

Long-Lasting Material
Made of high-quality material, myTVS car wipers are durable and make vital accessories to clean car windshields. Designed with natural rubber squeegees, these wiper blades offer maximum windshield contact in both directions and subsequently maximum safety. To choose the right size, please refer to our wiper blade size chart for Indian cars.

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