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Posted by : admin / On : 03-Dec-2020

Changing a flat (punctured) tyre is a skill that every car owner/ driver must have. It involves lifting of car; which can be troublesome when you have to lift it with help of a hydraulic jack. It requires manual operation with extra time and effort, while testing your patience level. Therefore, now is the time to upgrade to an electric car jack. An electric jack gives you various advantages over traditional jacks, while making your life easy.


Effortless Lifting
The car lifting or repairing work becomes very smooth with an electric car jack. Moreover, it saves time & energy and is easy to operate. Simply connect to your car cigarette lighter (12V) and it starts working automatically. This is why we call it ‘automatic car jack’ also.

More Powerful
An electric jack is precisely designed to be portable, durable and it can withstand high pressure. As a result, it is perfectly suited to lift even high-weight cars (Sedans, SUVs, weighing up-to 3 tonne) within quite less time.

Ensures User’s Safety
Conventional car lifting (with manually-operated hydraulic jacks) can be risky. While the electric car jacks are highly safe during the lifting operation. It keeps on working as per the instructions even if the power is disconnected. The raised jack doesn’t fall, even during sudden power off. It can be brought down using the safety unloading knob.

LED Light
Most of the electric jacks come with a bright LED light which comes very handy during low light conditions e.g. you get a flat tyre on highway at a scary night.

Bring a Trusted Electric Jack
Bringing to you myTVS TJ-65 3 Ton Electric Car Jack, from myTVS Accessories - India's one-of-the-most reliable brands of auto parts & accessories. It is the one of the best electric jacks available in the market, which is well-equipped with the key parameters as mentioned above.

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To change a car tyre/ repair work, you require wrenches also which are used to loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts. So, we recommend you to buy myTVS 3 Ton Electric Car Jack & Wrench (5 in 1 Kit) Machine by clicking on the below.