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Points to remember while choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your car.

Posted by : admin / On : 08-Dec-2020
Points to remember while choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your car.

Buying a vacuum cleaner/ filter for your car is as easy as buying any other car product/car accessory. You search for one, you will get so many options available online as well as offline. But how to pick the right vacuum cleaner is the right question you must ask before placing an order. Mostly, you end up making a random purchase of a car vacuum cleaner, due to lack of product info/features/ details. Keeping all this in mind, we have researched and collected a few must-keep-in-mind points that will surely make your life damn easy while deciding about your next car vacuum cleaner.

HEPA Filter
Check whether your car vacuum cleaner is integrated with HEPA filter or not! HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. It’s a mechanical air filter having maximum cleaning efficiency. It traps even very tiny harmful particles such as pollen, dust mites, and tobacco smoke etc. Therefore, HEPA filter is the most important component in a vacuum cleaner which thoroughly filters the air to clean it. You can easily remove and wash it whenever required.

Wet & Dry Suction
Always go for the dual-suction vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor, as it will be handy for both wet and dry cleaning, Absorbs spilled liquid, Cleans the dry trash, dust & crumbs within a few minutes.

Convenient to Carry & Use
The demand is high for the sleek, light-weight, durable and portable vacuum cleaners.
Because they are very easy to use. Anybody can operate them. Just plug into cigarette lighter socket of your car and cleaning starts.

Long Wire for Deep Cleaning
The handheld vacuum cleaners require a longer wire to reach every nook and corner of your car interiors. It will help in sucking the dust/ spilled liquids from even the smallest slots. Generally, a 3-meter wire is the ideal length that will suffice the purpose in any car, be it hatchback, sedan or SUV.

Promise of a Brand
Never buy a local vacuum cleaner. It may cost you a few rupees less but believe us, only a branded vacuum cleaner can give you bang for the buck. For example, myTVS Vacuum Cleaner TI-5 is a time-tested and highly-reliable car vacuum cleaner which is loaded with the best features and specifications and is available online and offline. Needless to mention, myTVS is an award-winning brand of car parts and accessories, having PAN-India distribution, retailing and service network.

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