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myTVS 4-Door Universal Car Central Locking System

Universal Car Central Locking
Physically putting the key to lock or unlock your car door is time-consuming, irritating and sometimes can pose threat to your safety too.
Therefore, it’s high time to bring a car central locking system that will give you a hassle-free remote/ keyless entry. myTVS central locking is
the best car central locking in the market. Available for 1-door and 4-door central locking, it has become an essential accessory for every car,
irrespective of make/ model.

Total Safety of your Car & Loved Ones
Elegant design, compact and durable, myTVS central locking ensures the safety of you and your loved ones. It prevents the danger of leaving
the door in an unlocked position. The kids remain safe in the back seat as you can lock the rear doors effortlessly.

Anti-Hijack Mode
In case of a panic situation/ forced entry, you can activate Anti-Hijack mode, which would switch on the loud alarm and help raise attention.
This is how myTVS central locking comes in very handy to handle an emergency situation.


  • Voltage: 9-15
  • Frequency: 433.92MHz +- 400KHz
  • Central Lock: 10A
  • Siren: 10A
  • Flash Light: 10A
  • Working Temperature: -40 C~ + 85 C
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Q: Which all cars are compatible with CL1-1D/CL1-4D?

Our central locking system is compatible with all cars.

By kailash on 13-Jan-2021

Q: How much time does it takes to auto lock?

It takes approximately 15 seconds.

By lokesh on 13-Jan-2021

Q: What is the sensor range of CL1-1D/CL1-4D?

It is nearly 53-55 meters.

By hemant on 13-Jan-2021

Q: How many remotes do we get with it?

You get two remotes with one system.

By hemant on 13-Jan-2021

Q: How to install CL1-1D/CL1-4D?

Go to your nearest mechanic with CL1-1D/CL1-4D, rest will be done by him.

By paramjeet on 13-Jan-2021

Q: What is the difference between CL1-1D/CL1-4D?

CL1-1D is for cars in which all four gate locks are interlinked since manufacturing. CL1-4D is for cars in which all four gate locks are not interlinked since manufacturing.

By anirudh on 13-Jan-2021

Q: What is the specialty of this product?

CL1-1D/CL1-4D both comes with a special indication software which indicates you if any door was left unlocked or not properly closed.

By kailash on 13-Jan-2021

Q: How loud is CL1-1D/CL1-4Ds siren?

It is loud enough to raise attention.

By paramjeet on 13-Jan-2021

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5 Vinay Sahay

bought it for safety and I can say it is very good deal..

5 Vipin Arora

Amazing central locking for 4 doors, myTVS good quality and fast delivery.

4 PS Shukla

very super central locking with anti-hijack alarm system.

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