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Enjoy the next-level of safety & convenience with mytvs Car Central Locking System

Posted by : admin / On : 12-Mar-2021
Enjoy the next-level of safety & convenience with mytvs Car Central Locking System

Locking or unlocking your car door using keys is time-consuming, irritating and sometimes can pose severe threat to your safety. In today’s world, we can’t imagine cars without central locking system. With central locking, all doors are automatically locked on locking one door (driver’s door). Similarly, it’s true for ‘unlocking’ too.

Lock & Unlock with a Single Switch
Therefore, it’s high time to bring a car central locking system that will give you a hassle-free remote/ keyless entry. myTVS central locking is one of the most reliable car remote central lockings in the market. Available for 1-door and 4-door central locking, it is compact, elegant, durable and compatible with every car, irrespective of make/ model.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe
Elegant design, compact and durable, myTVS central locking ensures the safety of you and your loved ones. It prevents the danger of leaving the door in an unlocked position. The kids remain safe in the back seat as you can lock the rear doors effortlessly.
In another common situation - suppose your car is parked roadside and restless/ mischievous kids are waiting outside to get in the car. You can quickly open doors for them with remote central locking and thus avoid any mishappening.

Prevent Theft of your Car
myTVS Central locking system acts as a vital element of security, which makes it extremely difficult to penetrate a car and steal it. In case of a panic situation/ forced entry, you can activate Anti-Hijack mode, which is triggered when someone tries to open locked doors. The loud alarm helps raise attention. This is how myTVS central locking comes in very handy to handle an emergency situation.

Add Convenience
Car remote central locking is today an indispensable car accessory for every car, especially a family car. Imagine a time before the arrival of central locking, getting family members into your car used to be quite an irritating and long procedure. Firstly, unlock the driver’s door, then unlock the front passenger door by reaching through; then make efforts to unlock the back doors. The central locking now makes it happen with a single click in no time.  Buy myTVS Car Central Locking
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