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Posted by : admin / On : 02-Dec-2020

To make your car journeys/ travel/ rides truly safer, hassle-free and delightful, you need to upgrade your car with some essential car accessories. Read this to know about them. The top 5 can be as Tyre Inflator/ Car Tyre Air Pump / Tyre Air Compressor, Car Vacuum Cleaner, Audio/ Video System, Car Air Purifier and Electric Car Jack.


A tyre inflator is undoubtedly a vital emergency car accessory. Simply because it comes to your rescue when you need it most – whenever you get a flat tyre in the middle of a road and you have to deal with unforeseen troubles or even life-threatening dangers. Such emergency can occur anytime and anywhere. Choosing the right tyre air pump requires your attention to its features and brand’s reliability. MyTVS tyre inflators are amongst the most-sought-after, giving the most bangs for your buck.

myTVS tyre inflator TI-86: best for SUVs, heavy duty digital inflator with auto-stop feature, superfast inflation, Cigarette lighter plug-in, Built-in LED torch & much more

myTVS tyre inflator TI-4: best for Sedans & SUVs, analog meter, Cigarette lighter plug-in, Built-in LED torch & much more

myTVS tyre inflator TI-2: best for Hatchbacks, analog meter air pump, free-additional nozzles for inflatables

myTVS TI-8: two in one accessory: vacuum cleaner cum tyre inflator

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Our hectic lifestyle is the primary reason behind a messy or untidy car. But we must know, keeping our car’s interiors clean is as important as cleaning its exteriors. Because dust, dirt and spilled liquid etc. can result in bacteria growth and wear and tear of interior surfaces. Moreover, exposure to dirt and dust can create allergic reactions to your health. Therefore you need a vacuum cleaner that comes with HEPA filter that effortlessly traps unhealthy particles/ dust to keep the interiors germ-free and clean.

For complete cleaning inside your car, you can choose myTVS TI-5, a compact-yet-powerful car vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter wet & dry suction. To operate just plug into car’s cigarette lighter socket. Its longer wire reaches every nook & corner of your car.

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It’s a digital-savvy world. Say goodbye to traditional old-fashioned stereo system and upgrade your car with myTVS Full Touch Double Din Audio/Video Android Car Media Player. Not simply for soothing your mood for a joyous car riding with its captivating sound, but also to enjoy its various innovative features like GPS navigation, hand-free call, smart phone mirror link function, Wi-Fi access, and many more. Listen to your favourite melodies, watch movies or enjoy IPL on the go in your car with in-stadium viewing experience.

myTVS TAV-61A 7" Full Touch Double Din Audio/Video Android Car Media Player is one of the best car stereos available in the market.

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Breathing pure air is the key to your health. We all are spending a good amount of time driving or being in a car. But, have you ever thought about the quality of air inside your car that you consistently breathe in. If not, it’s the high time to have a powerful air purifier/ freshener or air sanitizer in your car. Because the air in your car is equally polluted (if not more) as the air outside your car. It causes respiratory infections, allergies and so many other health hazards.

There are various car air purifiers available in the market. But I would recommend you to upgrade you car to the fastest car air purifier – myTVS AIRLENS Car Air Sanitizer. Integrated with world’s 1st AMT (Active Molecular Technology), it ensures WHO prescribed air quality within record-low 2 minutes, Entraps Harmful 2.5 Microns Particles with 99% Efficiency and is easy replacement of cabin AC filter.

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Car jack is an essential car accessory that is very handy to change a spare tyre (in case of flat tyre or puncture) or do repairing works. Switch to myTVS electric car jack because it’s portable, durable and high-quality. It ensures your safety and effortless lifting of your car. Just plug in to car’s cigarette lighter to operate. Jack keeps on working as per the instructions even if power is disconnected. Comes with in-built LED light for low light/ night operations.

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