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Complete Car Care with Premium Products from myTVS

Posted by : admin / On : 16-Apr-2021
Complete Car Care with Premium Products from myTVS

Car washing yourself or getting it washed at your place using quality products is a brilliant idea. It is money-saving and indeed a relaxing activity during the leisurely time.

Small Investment, Little Effort, Big Benefits
Regular car wash/  maintenance not just saves you money but also keeps your car in a brilliant shape. Mostly, commercial car washing is done with low-quality, caustic-stuff products which may damage the car’s paint and surfaces. The moral of the story is - washing your car is as essential as routine oil changes. Therefore, make it a part of your to-do list, and enjoy many advantages in the long run.

Car Looks New
Even a newly bought car starts losing its sheen if not properly taken care of. To keep it in bright new condition, all you need to do it regular cleaning, vacuum cleaning, and shampoo washing.

Enhanced Safety
If you drive with dirty car windows, windshields, mirrors, or tires; you are more prone to risk on the road. Regular car washes keep these car parts/areas neat and clean.

More Value
The car remains in superb condition if you can prevent it from scratches, rust, dirt, and other damaging factors. This is possible only if car is well taken care of. No doubt, a well-maintained car will fetch you more bucks when you sell it.
Better Health
The air quality inside your car can affect your and your loved ones’ health severely. So, regular cleaning/ vacuum cleaning keeps it free from harmful dirt, germs allergens, and mites.

Car ki Total Care with myTVS
myTVS offers a range of car care products that are high-in-quality, easy-to-use, and low-on-price.

myTVS Car Wash & Wax Shampoo
Shiny Car Wash Every time
Give your car a glossy shine with myTVS Wash & Wax Shampoo, 2-in-1 composition. It brilliantly removes dirt, dust, and grime layer from your car, making it spotless. It is made of fine ingredients that are safe and gentle to even sensitive automotive finishes. The wax adds a protective layer on the exterior finish to give extra safety to the paint from harmful UV rays, dirt, rainfall, and dirt.

myTVS Dashboard Polish
Dashing Look for Car Dashboard

As we wash the car’s exteriors, the interiors too need your proper attention. Especially car dashboards (consisting of steering wheel, the gear and AC unit) often get dirty with dust and other impurities. myTVS Dashboard Polish will keep your interiors neat, free of dust and cracks. Prevents the dashboard from cracking. Cleans leather, rubber, vinyl & plastic interior surfaces

myTVS Glass Cleaner
It is a very easy-to-use spray, best for removing fingertips, road grime, and dust etc. It helps glass surfaces regain long-lasting clarity. Get a streak-free finish for a clear vision on the road with myTVS Glass Cleaner.

myTVS Multi-purpose Interior Cleaner
It is a premium-quality cleaning liquid, perfect for all interior surfaces like upholstery, lining, roof-lining, carpets, and seat covers etc.

myTVS Microfiber Cloth
This microfiber cloth is best at cleaning dirt, dust, or wax and gives your car a shining look.

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