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Keep your car corona-free. Drive worry-free!

Posted by : admin / On : 13-Apr-2021
Keep your car corona-free. Drive worry-free!

In the times of corona pandemic, the key to safety lies in keeping your car interiors, surfaces, upholstery clean, hygienic, and safe.

GO CORONA GO on the Go!
Coronavirus has been posing a serious threat to humanity for more than a year. In the ongoing battle against this global pandemic, we are adapting to all possible ways to ensure our safety– wearing masks, social distancing, regular hand sanitization to name a few. During the lockdown, we even stayed home to stay safe. But ‘staying home’ could never be a permanent solution. The only solution is - quickly learn to live with it. In other words, let’s migrate to the safest ways to live, work, celebrate or even DRIVE out in our cars, going to the office, holiday destination, or to the market.

With rising cases of corona each passing day, how safe you feel to touch the doors, windows, or the steering wheel of your car? Don’t you think the coronavirus might be lying/ sitting on surfaces or circulating inside your car? If YES, here are some preventive measures for keeping your car clean, hygienic and safe during this pandemic.

Never forget to disinfect/ sanitize all the surfaces you touch or come in contact with before and after the journey. Especially steering wheel, door handles, gearstick, audio-video/ infotainment controls, windscreen wipers, elbow rests, etc. has a corona-protection product range available at the best price.


myTVS Airlens Car Air Purifier
Upgrade to the FASTEST CAR AIR PURIFIER. This car air purifier/ car air sanitiser/ air freshener ensures WHO standard Air Quality within 2 minutes. Airlens car air purifier is based on Active Molecular Technology (AMT). Its 3-layer filtration efficiently entraps harmful air particles of size 2.5 microns with 99% efficiency. It uses the car’s powerful fan to clean air without hampering the airflow. Portable and easy replacement of cabin AC filter. Costs only 1/10th (approx.) the cost of a purifier. Moreover, lower maintenance cost as compared to others. Click Here 

myTVS Pressure Sprayers (3 litre & 5 litre)
Bestselling liquid spray machine, perfect for sanitizing your car. Can be used to disinfect your home or office as well. Long-lasting material, compact design, this high-pressure sprayer sanitizes spaces quite fast. Its regular usage protects you and your loved ones from many diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and germs.
Handheld Sprayer| Light-weight | Convenient to carry | Built-in Measuring Scale | Pressure Release Valve | For Car, Home or Office | Kills viruses, bacteria & germs | Eliminates odour

myTVS Car Disinfection Atomizer Machine with Germ Killer Liquid
TVS Portable Fog Machine
This Fog Machine is efficiently designed to keep you safe by sanitizing your car, home, workplace, shop, wardrobe, toilet or any other place. Made of quality material, lightweight & easy to carry, compact and elegant design, Bright LED for use in dark or low light conditions, Liquid: myTVS liquid solution. Steps to use are
1. Rotate to open the cover 2. Add myTVS liquid solution 3. Connect USB cable 4. Press the button to spray.

Explore myTVS Corona-Protection Products Click Here