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Owning a Car? You must buy an Electric Car Wrench.

Posted by : admin / On : 04-Mar-2021
Owning a Car? You must buy an Electric Car Wrench.

We all hate getting a flat (punctured) tyre in our cars. Especially while on a family holiday trip in your lovely car. Sudden tyre puncture/ flat tyre can turn your pleasant trip into an embarrassing experience. This is when you must be equipped with emergency car accessories such as a car air pump/ car air filling machine, electric car jack and electric impact wrench.

A wrench is the key tool of your car tyre puncture kit. It is used for loosening or tightening lug nuts/ large bolts of your car tyre (s). The manual assembling and disassembling nuts/ screws using a conventional wrench is a time-taking and tedious task. This can put you in possible danger because you and your family might be stuck on a scary highway. Every minute looks like hours. This is when you can’t depend on a conventional car wrench.

Therefore, what you need is an electric car wrench which takes almost no time to loosen and tighten nuts. An electric jack gives you various advantages over conventional/ traditional jacks.

Expert Recommendation: myTVS TW-68, Electric Impact Wrench

What makes myTVS electric impact wrench a must-buy car accessory?

Makes Your Life Easy
This Automatic wrench is reliable and powerful enough to help you during an emergency situation. Loosening and tightening nuts/ bolts become effortless, save you time and energy.

One-Click Screw Out
What you need to do is just plug it into 12 V car cigarette lighter socket and it starts operating. Just one-click switch on and it will loosen even frozen nuts within seconds.

Sleek and stylish design makes it very easy to carry in your car. Moreover, being made of durable material, it is a sturdy electric impact wrench.

Fully Safe to Operate
This electric car wrench is as safe as it can get. It is so hassle-free that it never poses any physical harm/ danger to the user.

Built-in LED Light
myTVS TW-68 electric impact wrench comes with a bright LED light which is useful during night-time/ low light emergencies.

(1+1 Year) Warranty from myTVS
myTVS is India's one-of-the-most reliable brands of auto parts & accessories. This electric wrench has an extended 1+1 Years Warranty with dedicated customer care support.

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