Frameless Wiper Blades for All Cars
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myTVS Frameless Wiper Blades for all Cars

Frameless Car Wipers
Frameless car wipers give a clear advantage over the traditional ones. myTVS frameless wipers are precisely designed to offer better flexibility,
more stylish design, light-weight, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and tensile strength. Perfect fit for any car, easy to install,
these wiper blades are meant to offer optimum visibility during even adverse rains, foggy, and winter conditions.


Long-Lasting Material
Unlike traditional wipers, frameless car wipers are light-weight and equipped with a superb aerodynamic design. Made of premium quality stuff,
these car wipers are vital accessories for optimal, and chatter-free wiping.

All-Weather Friendly
With the best frameless wiper blades in your car, nothing can cloud your vision while driving in the incessant rains, or foggy climate. Designed
with natural rubber squeegees, these wiper blades offer maximum windshield contact and subsequently maximum safety.

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4 Bittu

Great Product...

2 SP Gondal

Update: ordered one for my safari. The package was open and it leaves a spot/arc in the middle of the windshield. The fit finish otherwise is okay but there was a visible bend in the wiper stick and it didn't clean properly at that spot so I've requested return. I wanted to take a video but already took the wipers off for returning. Basically its a hit or miss. If u get a proper one its good. Now problem I have is i have thrown away old ones so I am without wipers and its monsoon time. Will wait for return and will order again or try and find from local shop if possible. REQUEST SELLER to be more careful not send damaged products its an important part for car in monsoon for safe driving. Old: Using it for my kizashi and works fine and price is good. -

4 Tejas

There are nice and easy to install. You might impale your hands while removing the old clunky wipers so wear gloves.Install these in for a nice clear windshield. They are coated with graphite so they leave a black residue if you touch the rubber part. Don't wipe the graphite away and ruin it. They are very similar to the OE wipers sold by VW at twice the cost. Only problem with these are that they are made in china. I hope they can locally produce these sometime soon. - Tejas

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