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TI-6 5 In 1 Kit With Electronic Jack & Wrench


5 in 1 Kit, 3 Ton Electronic Car Jack & Wrench Effortless Lifting of Cars Be prepared to cope up with unforeseen emergencies during your car travel with this Electronic Car Jack & Wrench (5 in 1 Kit) Machine. The electronic jack efficiently lifts all heavy cars (Sedans & SUV's, Max. weight: 3 Ton) and with the help of wrench you can open the tyre nut bolt in second. The box contains a number of other utility products which come very handy, anywhere, anytime! Portable, User-friendly & Safe Simply connect to your car cigarette lighter (Operating Voltage 12 V) and it starts working automatically. It keeps on working as per the instructions even if the power is disconnected. The raised jack doesn't fall, even when the power is off. It can be brought down, using the safety unloading knob. Fully-Equipped Under Low Light Comes with in-built LED light. Its super bright light is perfect for emergency use under low light / night operations.

Package Contents : Electric Jack, Electric Wrench, Hammer, Plastic Tool Box, Battery Clamp, Connecting Cable, Gloves Fuse, Power Cable, Socket Adapters, Car Connectors, Safety Triangle

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