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Types of vacuum cleaners. Which is the best one for a cars?

Posted by : admin / On : 11-Dec-2020
Types of vacuum cleaners. Which is the best one for a cars?

Cleaning indoor spaces on a regular basis is the key to health and happiness. Dust, trash, mites, pollens and other pollutants can be anywhere, be it a Home, Office, Shop, Factory or a Car. What’s more? They are not limited to outdoor areas only. The indoors spaces are equally (if not more) replete with them. Now, it is essential to make sure that you keep the indoor spaces (interiors) clean and lively. Traditional ways of cleaning (such as dusting) don’t work as they fail to completely remove tiny dust particles, trash, mites, pollens and other pollutants. Threfore, buy a car vacuum cleaner.


How Many Types?
Vacuum cleaners are custom designed as per the cleaning requirement or space. In other words, a vacuum cleaner meant for cleaning your car can’t be an ideal choice for cleaning floor, bed and upholstery. This is why you must know the types of vacuum cleaners.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners
They are the most common vacuum cleaners to be used for cleaning homes, can clean carpets as well as bare floors. They are easier-to-use but heavier and noisier.

Stick Vacuum Cleaners
Specially designed to clean narrow spaces/ corners with a long stick handle and sleek design. Being less powerful, they are not capable for carpet and full-size vacuum cleaning.
Canister Vacuum Cleaners
Better mobility than upright vacuum cleaners. You can lift and carry the canister anywhere. They are perfect for cleaning stairs and upholstery etc. but are heavier than upright vacuum cleaners.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
They don’t need manual operation as they roam freely around your home, requiring minimal efforts. Buy they are comparatively more expensive.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners – Perfect Choice for Car Interiors
These are light-weight, portable and quite handy for cleaning your car interiors. But you must choose the best handheld vacuum cleaner. For example myTVS Car Vacuum Cleaner TI-5 is a handheld, feature-loaded and portable vacuum cleaner, comes with a long 3-meter wire for deep cleaning. High-efficiency HEPA Filter, Dual Wet-n-Dry suction vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor.

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