TI-5 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner for Car
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myTVS 12v High Power Wet & Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner
If you don’t regularly vacuum clean your car; dust, dirt, bacteria and other kinds of harmful particles will surely start circulating inside it. A vacuum cleaner
is the easiest way to clean your car interiors. myTVS TI-5 Vacuum Cleaner is a reliable handheld car vacuum cleaner which is loaded with the best features
and is available online and offline. myTVS is an award-winning brand of car parts and accessories, having dedicated customer care support.
Offers an extended 1+1 Years Warranty, fast delivery, best pricing, exciting discount.

Deep Cleaning in No Time
Keep your car interiors clean and hygienic with best car vacuum cleaner myTVS TI-5 which is compact and comes with a long handle
attachment to reach the most difficult corners of your car. Neat and tidy car interiors leave a good impression in minds of your friends and
loved ones as they can be seated anywhere in your car without finding the crumbs of the chips or snacks that you had enjoyed yesterday
evening in your car. Regular vacuum cleaning of your car helps in maintaining its looks and the durability of interior surfaces.

Powerful Motor for Quick Cleaning
Comes with a powerful motor that will clean your car interiors thoroughly and quickly without any hassles. Saves times and makes sure
no space in your car remains dirty.

Washable HEPA Filter
Before placing an order, remember to check whether your car vacuum cleaner is integrated with HEPA filter or not! HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air.
It’s a mechanical air filter having maximum cleaning efficiency. It traps even very tiny harmful particles such as pollen, dust mites, and tobacco smoke etc.
HEPA filter is the most important component in a vacuum cleaner which thoroughly filters the air to clean it. You can easily remove and wash
it whenever required.
myTVS TI-5 is integrated with a removable & washable HEPA Filter for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Wet & Dry Suction
myTVS TO-5 is the best dual-suction vacuum cleaner, as dual suction is useful for both wet and dry cleaning, Absorbs spilled liquid,
Cleans the dry trash, dust & crumbs also.

12 V Power Plug
This car vacuum cleaner is very easy to operate. Just plug it to 12 V cigarette lighter of your car and the cleaning starts. 12 V power plug
for uninterrupted power supply, Comes with a long cable/ wire. Additional cable storage space is provided.

Feature-loaded  Car Vacuum Cleaner
myTVS HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is designed with multi-functional accessories which are very useful in vacuum cleaning of your car.

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Q: How to operate TI-5 vacuum cleaner?

Open TI-5, now you can see a wire with an adaptor insert that in cigarette lighter port. Start your engine switch your vacuum cleaner on, Happy cleaning.

By aditya on 11-Jan-2021

Q: What to do if your TI-5 is not working?

First check if your engine is on/not, then check TI-5 Vacuum cleaner wire and make sure it’s not physically damaged. Lastly, check power plugs fuse if it’s fused, we already give you an extra with our TI-5 vacuum cleaner.

By paramjeet on 11-Jan-2021

Q: What all attachments do we get with vacuum cleaner?

We provide you with two extra attachments one is carpet/seat brush and other is a narrow corner pipe which helps you clear better and in deep areas with minimum effort.

By anirudh on 11-Jan-2021

Q: Can we clean spilled liquid drinks from seats/mats?

Obviously, our vacuum cleaner is specially designed for wet and dry suctions with a special washable hepa filter.

By kailash on 11-Jan-2021

Q: What is length of the power plug wire?

Standard length Is 3 meters.

By lokesh on 11-Jan-2021

Q: What is the maximum power supply of TI-5 vacuum cleaner?

Integrated with 12V power plug.

By hemant on 11-Jan-2021

Q: What is the suction power of vacuum cleaner?

Suction power of vacuum cleaner is 100 air watts.

By paritosh on 11-Jan-2021

Q: How to clean vacuum cleaner?

Firstly, detach front plastic attachment and then take out hepa filter throw down the dust particles collected in there. Lastly, wash plastic attachment and hepa filter under running water. Now you are all set to clean again.

By sukhdev on 11-Jan-2021

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4 Muralidhar K.S Nayak

Very handy vacuum cleaner for cars to target those areas where u can't reach manually. Like it very much. Can even clean sand granules and particles. The filter is washable so can reused multiple times.

5 Vinay Rana

Very good quality ....good suction power

5 Biswanath das

Good product very useful machine

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