TI-16 Airchamp Digital Auto Stop Car Tyre Inflator
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Heavy duty 100 Psi digital auto-cut car tyre inflator/ air pump/ - TI-16
100 Psi |Digital Meter | Auto-stop | 12V Car Socket | LED Torch |Compatible with any car | Super-quick Inflation

Digital Car Air Champ for Sedans & SUV’s
Top-selling digital tyre inflator/ car air compressor with best features. Ideally meant for big-tyre cars such as sedans/ SUV’s. It is an emergency
tyre puncture kit available at lowest price at myTVS.com. myTVS is India's leading brand of auto parts & accessories. myTVS TI-16 comes to your rescue
when you need it most i.e. road-side/ highway emergency due to flat tyre. Therefore, buy this powerful car air filling machine to enjoy worry-free and
safe journeys in your lovely car. Additionally, this car air compressor comes with an extended 1+1 Years Warranty.

Powerful, Portable & Durable
One of the most useful car accessories and the best digital car air pump, myTVS TI-16 is made of premium material that has a long life, Makes minimal
noise and vibration. The powerful motor can generate pressure up-to 100 Psi, and thus allows the air pump to inflate your car flat tire quite fast.
As a result, saves your time and money. Sleek design and lightweight let you carry it anywhere on your trips.

Auto-Cut & Digital Display
It’s an auto-stop air pump. Pre-set the desired pressure and it will turn off automatically when air-filling is done. As a result, you no longer
need to worry about over-inflation in your car tyres. This advance feature helps in keeping the tyres safe all the way. Elegant digital display
with an accurate meter is for error-free pressure readings. Very easy to use with its simple plug-n-play 12V cigarette lighter connectivity.

LED for Night Emergencies
Getting stranded at a scary night because of your car’s flat tyre is equally scary. Believe us, it can be sometimes life-threatening too. This is
when a car air filling machine with in-built LED will ensure your safety. With myTVS TI-16 at your side, you just need to switch on LED torch,
plug into the cigarette lighter socket and the air-filling starts. The car tyre gets inflated almost in no time and you drive away with a smile on your
face and gratitude in your heart for myTVS digital air champ.

Free Extra Nozzles for Inflatables
Addition nozzles are included in the pack which make it a wonderful air compressor for inflating various items such as toys, footballs, bicycles
and sports equipments etc. Buy online myTVS TI-16 digital car air pump and avail amazing discount.

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Q: How to operate TI-16?

Open Ti-16 turn it. Now you can see two wires, one to be attached in cigarette lighter port and other to be attached with tire nozzle. Now, tighten up and switch it on quick inflation in 2 minutes.

By anirudh on 08-Jan-2021

Q: What to do if your inflator TI-16 is not working?

First check if your engine is on/not, then check inflators wire and make sure it’s not physically damaged. Lastly, check power plugs fuse if it’s fused we already give you an extra with our inflator.

By paramjeet on 08-Jan-2021

Q: What to do if you see air leaking in your tyre inflator?

Firstly, check tyre nozzle then tighten up inflator’s nozzle valve.

By rajeev on 08-Jan-2021

Q: Which all cars work well with TI-16?

ideal for all cars.

By aditya on 08-Jan-2021

Q: What is length of the power plug wire?

Standard length Is 3 meter.

By surav on 08-Jan-2021

Q: Can we fill other inflatable objects with TI-16?

Yes, from football, basketballs till inflatable chairs, swimming pools you can fill them all.

By kishor on 08-Jan-2021

Q: What is the maximum power supply of TI-16?

Integrated with 12V power plug.

By rajesh on 08-Jan-2021

Q: What is auto stop function in this inflator?

You set an ideal pressure of 35 in your inflator and it stops automatically once it reaches 35.

By rakesh on 08-Jan-2021

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I have bought this 2 months back and so far used it with 2 cars, 4 motor cycles, 3 bicycles.. its a awesome product from the stable of mytvs.. order through on line and received it on time and when opened happen to see 2 items (nozzles missing) then i contacted their Customer care via mail and it was sent to be promptly by them.. good response to all my queries and happy to recommend to all..

4 Akshay Gulawane

Shows pressure .5 more than the actual, which is very slight difference. - Akshay Gulawane

5 Certified Buyer

Must have product . Auto cut off, long cable – Certified Buyer

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